Welcome to the Grand Rapids System Access Request Site!

This website was developed to allow leaders to request system access for their colleagues to resources and systems that require logins and passwords.


Type of Need: Login/Password Required? Submit To:
New or additional system access Yes Submit a request via the GRSYSTEMACCESS Form on the intranet
Reactivation – due to non-use Yes Submit a request via the GRSYSTEMACCESS Form on the intranet
Bulk access request (5+ users) Yes Complete a Bulk Request Form and send to GRSYSTEMACCESS@mercyhealth.com
Software / Hardware / Icon No Service Now Self-Service – Generic Request – Include workstation ID
Break – fix issue (worked yesterday, not today) N/A Call the Resolution Center at x53003 or (616) 685-3003
Update AR template N/A Email: GRSYSTEMACCESS@mercyhealth.com with job code/ title and what needs to be updated.

What is role based system access?

In Grand Rapids, HR Gatekeepers use the Access Request (AR) tool to submit a request to the Resolution Center (RC) using defined templates. Templates are designed based on cost center and job code.

How do I submit a request to my HR Gatekeeper?

New hires, job changes and terminations are automatically submitted by your HR Gatekeeper. For additional requests, Please submit a request through the GR System Access Site on the intranet. (Intranet -> Saint Mary’s -> GR System Access (located on right side under Quick Links)).

What happens next?

  1. HR Gatekeeper submits an AR
  2. The RC completes request
  3. Any user can contact the RC with the REQ or RITM ticket number for status/ escalations.

What if I cannot access an application requested?

Look for an “Access Request has Been Fulfilled” email from the RC. If within 7 days of receiving email, utilize the “Click here if your issue was not properly fulfilled” link. This will reopen and prioritize the existing AR. If over 7 days, please contact your HR Gatekeeper for a new AR.

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